RMAN Miscellaneous New Features

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SQL Commands for the RMAN prompt

You can now execute SQL statements from the RMAN prompt. You no longer need to prefix the SQL Command and you do not need to enclose the statement in quotes.

Duplicate Database Enhancements

A new clause, noopen, is available that indicates that the duplicated database should not be opened using resetlogs after the duplication is complete. This clause can be usefull if you want to disable some jobs or services, prior to opening the database.

Sysbackup privilege

Because sysdba has some very high-level privileges, like "select any table", this new privilege is created for backup purposes only.

SQL> grant sysback to scott;

Storage Snapshot Optimization

If you use storage snapshots for your backups, you no longer need to put the database tablespaces in hot backup mode. You can simply execute the snapshot snap, provided the storage vendor supports the following:

  • the database is crash consistent during the snapshot
  • the snapshot preserves the write order for each file
  • the snapshot technology stores the time at which the snapshot is completed.

You can restore a snapshot with RMAN, using the following statement:

RMAN> recover database until time '10/2/2014 15:00:00' SNAPSHOT TIME '10/2/2014 15:00:30';

When issuing the snapshot time parameter it is recommended to add a few seconds to the actual snapshot time value, to account for any discrepencies.