RMAN (recovery manager)

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spool rman logging

rman> spool log to /home/oracle/rob/rman_output.log

enable rman tracing

-- option 1
[oracle@exa-dm1dbadm01 rob]$ rman debug trace=rman.trc log=rman.log
[oracle@exa-dm1dbadm01 rob]$ connect target /
-- etc.

-- option 2
RMAN> alter session set sql_trace=true;
using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
Statement processed

rman settings


rman backup statements

Level 0 backup:

RMAN> backup incremental level 0 database plus archivelog delete input;

rman backup deletion

-- delete archive log backups --
RMAN> delete backup of archivelog all;

rman crosscheck

  • Crosschecks update outdated RMAN repository information about backups whose repository records do not match their physical status. For example, if a user removes archived logs from disk with an operating system command, the repository still indicates that the logs are on disk, when in fact they are not.
  • If the backup is on disk, then the CROSSCHECK command determines whether the header of the file is valid. If the backup is on tape, then the command simply checks that the backup exists. The possible status values for backups are AVAILABLE, UNAVAILABLE, and EXPIRED.
-- crosscheck arhivelog backups
RMAN> crosscheck archivelog all;

-- crosscheck all backups
RMAN> crosscheck backup

-- crosscheck backupset backups only
RMAN> crosscheck backupset;

-- crosscheck datafile copies only
RMAN> crosscheck copy;

rman list command

rman> list backup of archivelog all;

. . . .
BS Key  Size       Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time     
------- ---------- ----------- ------------ --------------------
162778  130.38M    DISK        00:00:30     10-OCT-2019 03:04:54
        BP Key: 177777   Status: AVAILABLE  Compressed: YES  Tag: PROD_ARCH
        Piece Name: /rman/PROD/PROD_CA_BKP_nrudub9o_1_1.rmn

  List of Archived Logs in backup set 162778
  Thrd Seq     Low SCN    Low Time             Next SCN   Next Time
  ---- ------- ---------- -------------------- ---------- ---------
  1    106278  11914088136535 10-OCT-2019 02:01:22 11914088411234 10-OCT-2019 02:13:34

rman restore command

Restore a set of archives

RMAN> run {
restore archivelog from logseq=106276 until logseq=106282;

rman complete recovery

Assuming the spfile and controlfile are already recovered:

rman> run {
set until scn 129;
restore database;
recover database;
alter database open resetlogs;