Oracle Administration

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Oracle Database Open Modes
Oracle Administration : Drop database
Oracle Administration : Export Tables to comma separated files
Oracle Administration: Create an External Table for the DB Alert File
Oracle Administration: Create an External Table for the Listener Log File
Oracle Administration: Manage Automatic Maintenance Jobs
Oracle Administration Manage traditional Database Auditing
Oracle Administration Manage Unified Database Auditing
Oracle Administration: Manage Database Links
Oracle Administration : Manage Logminer
Oracle Administration : Manage Materialized Views
Oracle Administration : Manage Oracle Text
Oracle Administration: Manage Parallel Processing
Oracle Administration: Manage Partitions
Oracle Administration: Manage Resource Management
Oracle Administration: Manage Restore Points
Oracle Administration: Manage Scheduler Jobs
Oracle Administration: Manage SQL Profiles
Oracle Administration : Manage Statistics
Oracle Administration : Manage Oracle Streams
Oracle Administration : Trap an ORA-error in a trace file
Oracle Administration : View instance startup history

Oracle Configuration: Apply a Database Bundle Patch
Oracle Configuration: Check parameter history
Oracle Configuration : Check which options are installed in the database
Oracle Configuration : Clone an Oracle Software Home
Oracle Configuration: Configure and check HugePages
Oracle Configuration: Configure and check Oracle Direct NFS
Oracle Configuration : Purging trace files and audit files
Oracle Configuration: create HR sample schema
Oracle Configuration: Remove Oracle 12c Software

Oracle Object Management : find Table Locks
Oracle Object Management : find referenced objects
Oracle Object Management : find Primary Key

Oracle Security: SQL Injection
Oracle User Management: audit user logon (traditional auditing)
Oracle User Management: check last login
Oracle User Management: check failed logins with DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL
Oracle User Management: create a proxy account
Oracle User Management: manage profiles
Oracle User Management: manage idle sessions
Oracle User Management: save and change a password in 12c
Oracle User Managemenet: show session information
Oracle User Management: view user roles and priviliges