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[[Oracle Automatic Data Optimization|Oracle Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)]]
[[General Enhancements]]<br />
[[RMAN Enhancements]]<br />
[[SQL and PL/SQL Enhancements]]<br />
[[Dataguard Enhancements]]<br />
[[Oracle 12c In Memory Database|Oracle 12c In Memory Database]]<br />
[[Oracle 12c Multitenant|Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture]]<br />
[[Oracle Automatic Data Optimization|Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)]]<br>
[[Unified Auditing|Unified Auditing]]<br>

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General Enhancements
RMAN Enhancements
SQL and PL/SQL Enhancements
Dataguard Enhancements
Oracle 12c In Memory Database
Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture
Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
Unified Auditing