Multitentant miscellaneous New Features

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Number of PDBs

In 12cR1 you can have up to 255 PDB, in 12cR2 you can have up to 4096 PDB per Container

Parallel PDB Creation

You can now create PDB in parallel:

create pluggable database dw2 from seed parallel 4;

Hot and Cold Cloning a PDB

You can now clone a PDB while the source PDB is still in READ WRITE mode.

Support for different Character Sets in PDBs

The ideal setting for the character set at the CDB level is AL32UTF8. This allows for maximum flexibility in terms of the PDB character set.

PDB Support for different Time Zones

You can have a different time zone at the PDB level. Note that when you change the time zone for a PDB, it does not actually change any data.