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View Extract Statistics

Using the ggsci stats command

GGSCI> stats extract xprd12c, [table HR.GG_TBL_CUSTOM_HEARTBEAT], total [,hourly]

Sending STATS request to EXTRACT XPRD12C ...

Start of Statistics at 2017-08-05 17:04:27.

DDL replication statistics (for all trails):

*** Total statistics since extract started     ***
        Operations                                         0.00
        Mapped operations                                  0.00
        Unmapped operations                                0.00
        Other operations                                   0.00
        Excluded operations                                0.00

Output to ./dirdat/prd12c/xr:


*** Total statistics since 2017-08-05 16:28:31 ***
        Total inserts                                     37.00
        Total updates                                      7.00
        Total deletes                                      0.00
        Total discards                                     0.00
        Total operations                                  44.00

End of Statistics.

Other possible statements:

GGSCI> stats extract xprd12c, totalsonly xxxx.yyyyy  --> since startup of xprd12c
GGSCI> stats extract xprd12c, daily, table xxxx.yyyy --> since startup of day
GGSCI> stats extract xprd12c, daily, table HR.*   --> for all tables since startup of day

Viewing the extract report

Provided the reportcount parameter is set in the Extract parameter file:

                58 records processed as of 2017-08-05 16:44:09 (rate 0,delta 0)
                110 records processed as of 2017-08-05 16:59:28 (rate 0,delta 0)