Golden Gate Configuration: do not replicate deletes of certain tables

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You can use Use the GETDELETES and IGNOREDELETES parameters to control whether or not Oracle GoldenGate processes DELETE or UPDATE operations. These parameters are table-specific. One parameter remains in effect for all subsequent TABLE or MAP statements, until the other parameter is encountered. In this example we will ignore deletes of certain tables.

You can also apply GETINSERTS / IGNOREINSERTS and GETUPDATES / IGNOREUPDATES for other DML operations, but in this example I'll use IGNOREDELETES.

Extract parameter file example 1

table robtest.test_objects2;
table robtest.test_objects3;
table robtest.test_objects4;

table robtest.pipo_objects1;
table robtest.pipo_objects2;
table robtest.pipo_objects3;

In this example deletes on tables on tables robtest_objects2, robtest_objects3 and robtest_objects4 are not propagated to the target database. Deletes on tables pipo_objects1, pipo_objects2 and pipo_objects3 are propagated to the target database.

Extract parameter file example 2

table robtest.test_*;

table robtest.*

In this example we use wildcards to receive the same result. It is important to use this order! First the IGNOREDELETES with the wildcards for tables that will not propagate deletes and then the wildcards for all the remaining tables.