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configure a wallet

GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain) 1> add credentialstore 
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain) 1> alter credentialstore add user c##gg_admin password gg_admin alias c##gg_admin_root Credential store altered. 
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain) 2> alter credentialstore add user c##gg_admin@pdb4 password gg_admin alias c##gg_admin_pdb4
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain) 3> alter credentialstore add user c##gg_admin@pdb5 password gg_admin alias c##gg_admin_pdb5
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##gg_admin@orcl/CDB$ROOT) 24> info credentialstore

configure supplemental logging

GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##/CDB$ROOT) 23> info trandata pdb4.robla.rl_objects   
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##/CDB$ROOT) 23> add trandata pdb4.robla.rl_objects   
GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##/CDB$ROOT) 23> delete trandata pdb4.robla.rl_objects   

View the GG replication status


GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##gg_admin@orcl/CDB$ROOT) 17> info all

Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt

MANAGER     RUNNING                                           
EXTRACT     RUNNING     PPDB4       00:00:00      00:00:06    
EXTRACT     RUNNING     XPDB4       00:00:00      00:00:07    
REPLICAT    ABENDED     RPDB4       00:00:00      274:29:48   

Details of a single process

GGSCI (rob01db01.robdomain as c##gg_admin@orcl/CDB$ROOT) 18> info replicat rpdb4 detail

REPLICAT   RPDB4     Last Started 2020-09-20 12:24   Status ABENDED
Checkpoint Lag       00:00:00 (updated 274:32:31 ago)
Log Read Checkpoint  File /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirdat/pdb5/px000000000
                     2020-09-25 07:45:53.735968  RBA 989542

DBLOGIN Provided, inbound server name is OGG$RPDB4 in DISABLED state
Inbound server status may be innacurate if the specified DBLOGIN connects to a different PDB than the one Replicat connects to.

Current Log BSN value: (no data)

Low Watermark CSN value: (no data)

High Watermark CSN value: (no data)

  Extract Source                          Begin             End             

  /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirdat/pdb5/px000000000  * Initialized *   2020-09-25 07:45
  /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirdat/pdb5/px000000000  * Initialized *   First Record    
  ./dirdat/pdb5/px000000000               * Initialized *   First Record    

Current directory    /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0

Report file          /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirrpt/RPDB4.rpt
Parameter file       /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirprm/rpdb4.prm
Checkpoint file      /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/dirchk/RPDB4.cpr
Process file         
Error log            /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/19.1.0/ggserr.log