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  • In Oracle Database version Oracle introduced the “CONTAINERS” clause, a very useful clause that can be used to execute queries across several Pluggable Databases. You can filter which PDB you want to get the data from by the CON_ID column. The downside of using the “CONTAINERS” clause is that you have to hard code the value of the CON_ID column. If the CON_ID changes because of a PDB unplug and a PDB plugin, you would be getting data from a wrong PDB; or if you remove the PDB, your queries will simply fail.
  • In, “Container Maps” were introduced in Oracle In container maps the PDB name is used instead of the CON_ID when accessing the partitioned data. Unfortunately, at present, “Container Maps” are not available to use with normal Pluggable Databases. “Container Maps” can be used only with Application Containers (Application Root + Application PDBs).

Demo with Container Maps, including setup

Create the application root

We need an application root and application PDBs to setup container maps:

SQL> alter session set container=cdb$root;

Session altered.

SQL> create pluggable database pdb10 as application container admin user pdbadmin identified by pdbadmin;

Pluggable database created.

SQL> alter pluggable database pdb10 open;

Pluggable database altered.

SQL> alter pluggable database pdb10 save state;

Pluggable database altered.